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26 Responses to Contact

  1. luke williams says:


    Could I get a quote for an acid dip and hone/rebore a hemi 265 block?


  2. Thomas Cohen says:

    I have a 1996 nissan patrol that has a busted head gasket.

    Whilst the head is off I’d like to do a full clean and rebuild of the engine and fuel system.

    Could you provide a rough quote on this plus new injectors and an injector pump?

    Thank you

  3. Richard says:

    Hi, I have a 1965 ford XP falcon and I was wondering how much (approx) would it cost to rebuild the 144cui 6 cylinder engine….the car is currently fully registered and I drive it each day, the engine seems worn and is now lacking power….

    Thank you

  4. Lukas Gorges says:

    Do you have secondhand engine for 1995 Mitsubishi Pajero or would you be able to do an engine rebuild? if so how much would it cost to be put in.

  5. Kalob holland says:

    Hey guys I’m just requesting a quote on my RB30 engine and head. I need the block cleaned, bore, the top of the block machined and hone 20 thou over std. And the head cleaned and shave to increase my compression

  6. david says:

    I was wondering if you guys repaired leaking fuel tanks on motor bikes. The tank is removed and flushed out.
    Thank you.

  7. Daniel Malone says:

    I’m considering entering the NSW X3 Excel Racing series. I’ve got a car (my daily) but the engine needs a refresh, amongst other work.

    Can you give me an indication of what it would cost to rebuild one of these? I can get most of the parts at good prices out of the US and I’ve emailed Hastings about some Napier 2nd rings and low tension oil rings but that’s as far as I’ve got at the moment. Obviously, I’d like to pick up gains where ever possible but the rules are pretty strict- only allows for a 0.5mm over bore and no other real modifications allowed.

    Do you have the capability to torque plate hone this engine? Is there anything else I should be aware of?

    Thanks and kind regards!
    Daniel Malone

  8. SHINGO KUBO says:

    Please change to dipped head light for 2004yr BMW 525i.
    HID 7H.
    Could you give quotation include installation.
    I’m looking forward to reply soon.
    Thank you.

    Shingo kubo

  9. greg ryan says:

    Hiya can I get a quote pl (ball park for now)
    recon engine for year 2000 Mazda E2000 van

  10. Leeann Collins says:

    I was wondering if you were able to assist me. I own a 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara and within the last week I’ve had confirmation that the engine block has cracked with only 127,000 on the clock. After further investigations with other reconditioning agents and other owners I’ve discovered that this is not an uncommon problem and am now dealing with Suzuki QLD to sort my issue. In order to make my claim more valid I am hoping to obtain information from companies within Australia with details on Suzuki Vitaras that have come through their business with the same issue. Are you able to provide me any details on any that have come into your work shop with the same issue?
    Thanks in advance,
    Leeann Collins

  11. Ron Bosma says:

    Have a VE2010 SS 6.0 litre, which i would like to get a costing on getting the motor reconditioned ?

  12. Victor Jerez says:

    Hi Mehdi, I am from Canberra I’ve got Navara 2008 D40 Spanish model , it looks like the Cylinder head is crack, is not leaking outside water, but is bowling cool water in the water plastic tank, I would like to know how much would be the cost to fix it up in the worth scenario, if we are business towing from CBR to SYD if is necessary that I will organize , your prompts answer would be appreciated. I would provide you any extra information that would be necessary

  13. Jamie says:

    How much would reconditioning a 1989 Mazda MX5 1600cc engine cost? And does your work
    come with warranty.

  14. Danny says:

    Can CCS engineering add a balancing weight on my lighten flywheel for a Windsor 1994? I have gone from auto to a top loader manual. I made the mistake of buying a Neurally balanced flywheels and not buying the 50 oz flywheel.

    Thank you

  15. Hi i have a datsu A15 engine that i would like acid cleaned and re painted what would be the cost

  16. Kyle thomas says:

    G’day I’m after a rough figure on how much you’s charge to rebuild a 1hz from a ‘92 landcruiser, cheers

  17. Alex says:

    Im looking for recondition my cylinder head gasket, so my question is, do you need my car or I have to bring just a engine, or cylinder head? Thank you.


  18. Steven Carter says:


    I didn’t want to cold call your business as we all find that annoying if we’re busy; instead I was hoping this email would make it possible to arrange a quick chat at your convenience?

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    I’m sure you receive many emails offering similar, meaning I need to try and stand out. I pride myself on the service we provide, I always go the extra mile for customers and I have many testimonials to back this up.

    I’d like to offer you a free in-depth consultation over a quick chat that will cover many important factors on how to improve your conversion. This consultation is completely free and will benefit any website owner.

    If you would like we can also discuss How to generate qualified leads and inquiries every week through your site.

    I can give you a call to discuss the above ideas.

    Kind Regards,
    Steven Carter

  19. steve says:


    I have a ktm 65 sx 2002 motorbike the cylinder needs a new sleeve just
    want to know you price for the job please

    Thanks Steve

  20. Bill Domingo says:


    I want to recondition my Landcruiser 80 1HD-T – 4.2L Turbo Diesel engine.

    Do you have a drive-in Drive-out option where I can swap out my engine for an already reconditioned same engine?



  21. Ben says:

    Hi are you able to give me a quote on a full rebuild on a 1fz-fe engine in a 1994 80 series landcruiser pls

  22. JOHN says:


    I need the valve seats and valves refaced on a Kohler SV540 single cylinder engine. I have the specs and new valves. Valve guides are within spec.
    What costs am I looking at. I can drop the head off during the week.

  23. Shaun says:


    I need a estimate on a full rebuild for a vw 1.4 Jetta tsi engine code cavd,twin charge 2009 model .


  24. Hi would you recondition a Mitsubishi Pajero v6 motor petrol
    1988 model ,if so please advise price

  25. peter says:

    hi ,

    would like a quote for holden 253 recondition pls

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