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These are the regular steps taken when reconditioning 

    1. After receiving your car engine or cylinder head we will strip and clean all parts in a chemical bath machine. After cleaning we will measure all tolerances
    2. We research the data about your cylinder head and we make sure all measurements are within tolerance
    3. We decarborn the cylinder head and wash the cylinder in a chemical bath again.
    4. We pressure test cylinder heads searching for any water leaks and cracks above and underneath and inside chambers and oil galleries.
    5. We cut valves seats with a 3 angle cutter using serdi pro for better gas flow then we reface valves and vacuum test cylinder heads making sure maximum vacuum is achieved.
    6. We acid deep block and flush, and clean making sure there’s no residuals left inside the block then we remeasure the pistons and bore, controlling all tolerances before ordering parts.
    7. After organising parts we will rebore block to the specify clearance minus  3 Thau. This procedure leave us enough metal to hone out giving boar the best cross hatch loading that is required for bets tolerance between the boar and piston.

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CCS Engineering

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